Best Free & Paid Chatbot Platforms For Your Business In 2022

Pandorabots is one of the more mature chatbot builders in the game, which comes with being one of the oldest on the market. Pandorabots is open source, uses AIML , and allows users to build basically anything they want. But what really shines for MobileMonkey is the analytics and lead builder. When looking through leads, MobileMonkey collects tons of data on the users that chat with your bot for you to use in your marketing as leads. It also displays analytics for your bot to let you know how many contacts you get and what questions your users are asking the most. Unless you’re an enterprise company with a boatload of cash, it’s hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars a month on a chatbot solution. For companies looking to add a chatbot to their team, choosing the right chatbot platform is crucial. We tested dozens of options and selected the eight best chatbot services suited for startups and SMBs who are looking to spend less than $100 a month on a chatbot solution. That way, it becomes easy to respond to customer messages, conduct surveys, and grow the brand.

Marketing automation company MobileMonkey has a chatbot builder specifically designed for Facebook Messenger, including multiple templates for different types of businesses. This is how note-taking application Evernote uses their Messenger chatbot. When a customer messages the company, a bot replies asking for their email address and their question and then tells them a customer service representative will respond soon. Regardless of whether you are a delivery service or not, Messenger chatbots are useful for guiding users through the ordering process. Having a chatbot handle ordering frees up your employees for other tasks and enables the customer to make purchases without having to wait for someone to be available.

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In this way, Drift makes it easier for businesses to provide 24/7 lead response times to website visitors. We additionally see the increase in messenger needs with the rise of message-based social apps like Kik, WeChat and WhatsApp. As these services become more popular for users, they emerge as important channels for business. In order to find out which use case will be most effective for you, chat with your website and social media teams. This chatbot automatically delivers qualified leads to the sales organization while also fighting the fatigue caused by answering the same questions over and over.

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A Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot that operates on Facebook Messenger. Messenger bots automate one to one conversations between a brand and a customer on social media. They are designed to guide customers, Guide Into Conversational UI understand responses, personalize experiences, offer recommendations, and drive business outcomes. You can use your bot to increase sales, to qualify leads, or to provide answers to frequently asked questions.

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PrAna’s chatbot strikes the perfect balance between informing the customer and holding a relaxed conversation with them. Chatfuel has an intuitive visual interface complemented by editable front-end and customization options. While you can build a Facebook Messenger best messenger bots bot for free, a lot of the more complex tools are only available with Chatfuel Pro accounts. If the bot needs time to process a request, use the typing indicator to make sure your customer knows things are still happening, as seen in this example from Tiffany & Co.

Some of the basic tasks you can perform with LivePerson include web messaging, app messaging, email messaging, social messaging, voice messaging, and third-party messaging. Consequently, the tool helps you get results that matter to your business. They include improved customer supports, enhanced marketing, and increased sales, among others. This is a leading conversational Chatbot that you can use to change how you interact with your customers on the Facebook platform.

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