not, such belongings-use methods enjoys gradually rejected since mid-eighties (Partel mais aussi al

not, such belongings-use methods enjoys gradually rejected since mid-eighties (Partel mais aussi al

Investigation web site

The research city includes c. dos km 2 regarding varieties-rich lifeless calcareous grassland during the western Estonia (°Letter, °E). The fresh new grasslands set up typically on account of enough time-name extensive administration, somewhat grazing because of the domestic animals, collecting hay and you will cutting shrubs and you can trees to own strength. , 1999 ). Brand new grasslands traditionally got a maximum juniper (Juniperus communis) cover out of 31%, however they are today increasingly overgrown having Scots oak (Pinus sylvestris; around 80% cover).

Sampling build

Testing try presented inside from the sites in which consistently managed (mown) discover grassland really stands (GR) was in the middle of stands out-of varying levels of overgrowth: transitional grasslands (TR) and you may younger pine forests (FO). The three successional levels (GR, TR, FO) mode a-temporal succession of regeneration succession level c. 60 yr, and tend to be characterised from the a steady over growing out of unlock grasslands from the shrubbery and you can woods, that’s regular having quit calcareous grasslands regarding data area (Neuenkamp ainsi que al., 2016 ; Support Suggestions Fig. S1). For the transformation grasslands government stopped c. 30–thirty five yr before sampling and you will grasslands was partly overgrown from the pine and juniper; more youthful pine forest have been previous grasslands in which management ceased c. sixty yr ahead of testing and you will which were entirely overgrown because of the pine and you may juniper. An internet site . try defined as a location in which every around three successional values was indeed found in this 50 yards each and every almost every other (GR–TR–FO). Entirely, 25 internet have been sampled. An arbitrarily found 1 ? step one yards plot was established in each successional stage (GR, TR, FO) of each site, resulting in a total of 75 plots of land (twenty-five internet ? three successional levels). Another features were demonstrated per patch: the field level plant society, Are fungal groups (in-plant origins, and you may rhizosphere crushed) and you may environment details.

Data range

For each 1 ? step one m area, all the vascular plant kinds about ground-coating society was indeed filed in addition to their abundance is actually projected as fee security (Peet & Roberts, 2013 ). While doing so, percentage defense rates away from shrubs and you will woods within this an excellent ten ? ten m city around per patch were filed. Hereafter, the ground-layer plant people is called ‘bush community’ as well as analyses try held with this particular area unless of course expressed otherwise.

An effective 10 ? ten ? 10 cm floor center is obtained about heart of any plot and you may bush sources had been split in the ground, dehydrated getting twenty four h from the fifty°C and you can kept inactive for further molecular studies regarding resources-colonising In the morning fungus. Have always been fungal variety in-plant roots ended up being analysed out of combined sources samples. Origins from inside the for each and every shot was basically ground playing with water nitrogen and you can very carefully blended given that described by Garcia de Leon mais aussi al. ( 2016 ). A good subsample regarding 70 mg of each and every mixed root shot is actually used in unit analyses.

Plant groups had been described during the a bigger spatial scale compared with Have always been fungal communities, because level would be to just as much as echo the brand new bush supply community captured from the an effective ten ? 10 ? ten cm surface key. Small-scale bush diversity inside the grasslands is high underground than just more than surface (Hiiesalu et al., 2014 ), partly as spacious sources program and enough time rhizomes many grassland plants hook the fresh new roots within a localized soil core that have a lot more than-surface body organs expanding several ).

To characterise AM fungal diversity in the soil, 10 g of soil was collected from each soil core, dried with silica gel and stored airtight at room temperature. A second subsample of 10 g of soil was collected from each soil core for measuring the concentration of an AM fungal neutral lipid fatty acid fungal abundance in the soil. This second soil sample was freeze-dried for 15 h at ?80°C and stored airtight at room temperature. The remainder of each soil core was air-dried for analysis of soil chemical properties (pHKCl, Ntot, P, K, Mg, Ca, Corg) following International Organization for Standardization (ISO) protocols (see Methods S1).

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